Stressflex Pads are equally rated 50 AMPS at 80 Volts and are available in many stocked sizes and can be custom built for specialty jobs. Our stocked sizes will preheat or stress relieve almost any job imaginable. They are used in refineries, power plants, construction and fabrication applications, just to name a few. They can be used in any combination while maintaining the same watts per square inch of power.


Stranded 80/20 nichrome wire and socketed twin hole insulators provide mechanical strength and flexibility to conform to varied and complex contours. Our tail design combines all of the durability benefits of “Hot tail” Construction (no weld joint or mechanical crimp to create a weak spot) with the cold tail benefit of keeping the electrical connector cooler, which prevents breakdown of the insulating sleeve on the camlock.

Stock Sizes

  • 14” x 7”
  • 7” x 14”
  • 1” x 120”
  • 10” x 10”
  • 17” x 6”
  • 20” x 5”
  • 28” 3 ¼”

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