Stresstech Temperature Recorders are calibrated from 0-2000 degrees F. They can also be set to any other desired range.

The LED provides easy viewing of each point’s temperature. An internal light illuminates the chart recording at all times and the chart speed can be set to any desired rate. Each thermocouple is individualized by a six-color ink ribbon, which facilitates easier reading.

Our recorders can be programmed with alarm settings to record the time and date it reaches or drops below the desired temperature setting. All recorders are mounted in an aluminum housing with rubber feet and a carrying handle. Thermocouple jack strips are located in the rear panel, providing easy connection of the type “K” thermocouple leads. All models of our Temperature Recorders are portable, lightweight and easy to ship.

Stresstech stocks chart paper, colored ribbons, ink pads, and print wheels for all major brand recorders. We also clean, adjust, repair, and calibrate all temperature recorders supplying Certificates of Calibration traceable to NIST.

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