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Precise yet versatile boring for the marine, machine shop, power station or construction site

Restore your bores to like-new condition with ease and precision. You can access an inventory of USA-crafted line boring equipment. They’re stocked and ready to deliver to your jobsite. Don’t risk equipment delays, mistakes or breakdowns. Make safe investments with consultative sales, hands-on training and 24/7 emergency service.

Designed to make on-site boring faster and easier

Mactech Boring Bars offer unmatched versatility. They’re designed to operate with ease under the harshest conditions. And they’re ready to buy or rent right now, so you can get to work ASAP.

Ditch delivery and setup struggles for dedicated service

Virtual job site support from Mactech's team

Your boring systems are shipped when and where you need them, complete with a maintenance package and backup components. And our three U.S. offices provide emergency service whenever necessary. Because when breakdowns cost big bucks, you deserve a rapid response. Even if you need help with a tricky installation live over FaceTime.

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Virtual job site support from Mactech's team

Skilled field machinists make better boring bars

A Mactech technician uses a boring bar on a job site

Nobody wants to be held back by their equipment. We know as well as you do. Our machinists use this equipment in the field every day. Mactech boring bars are designed to make their jobs easier — and yours. Partner with industry experts who customize equipment to meet your challenges. Or, put them to work on your jobsite with the same reliable boring systems.

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A Mactech technician uses a boring bar on a job site

Customer reviews

  • “We just rented a bar from them about a month ago. We had another outage going on, and we needed that bar at that job site. It was slated to return within a week. I talked to them and said, ‘Hey, I need this bar at this other job site. Can I just ship it direct?’ And they were fine with that. And I know they had their own needs going on. They needed that bar, but they allowed me to keep it, so I could do my job.”

    Craig Bleak, Allied Power Group
  • “They’re a good company. They’ve been around for a long time, and we’ve been using them for a long time. I’ve been in the industry for about 20 years, and throughout all the different companies that I’ve worked with, we’ve used Mactech or worked with Mactech. They hold a very good reputation.”

    Jason Bindon, general manager, KASI Technologies
  • “They are second to none. Mactech is one of our great suppliers and I love the fire in them. We looked into other providers, but there was no doubt Mactech had superior equipment. We’ve purchased a lot of equipment from Mactech and we come back because it’s a superior product. The way they build their equipment is significantly different from other people. I’m very happy with Mactech.”

    Tyler Bond, global operations manager, NNW Oil
  • “They get a good understanding of the scope of work. The right questions are asked. If we have the scope of work from a client, we can sit down with the Mactech team, decide if it’s the right tool and which route to go.”

    Chad Comeaux, ROV project manager, Oceaneering
  • “They’re just so much easier to work with. They want to help you. They want you to succeed. This business just boils down to whoever can get the best deal, the best cost in the shortest amount of time. So, we work together well that way.”

    Craig Bleak, Allied Power Group

Why Mactech boring bars?

Boring projects require hard work and extreme precision to keep your equipment working at its best in the field. That’s precisely what you get from Mactech boring systems and service.

Consultative buying

Tell us what you need to accomplish. We’ll get you the best equipment for the job. Our BB2250 Boring Bar can machine from 2- to 16-inch bores, and we have 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ boring bar packages that can operate up to 172″ bores.

Field experience

Partner with experts who know what works because they’ve done it before. They know what you need to be successful in the field, from procurement to service.

Workhorse machinery

With expert design, careful manufacturing and complete maintenance packages, these boring systems work longer and harder than anything else on the market.

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Easy operation

Work with a lightweight and self-aligning boring system with an integrated feed box and motor for easy setup and installation.

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Hands-on training

Your sales representative teaches you how to use the equipment on site, so you can get right to work. Advanced training also is available at shops in Minnesota, Kentucky and Louisiana.

Rapid response

If something goes wrong, you can call your dedicated representative personally on their cellphone. They’ll drop everything to get you what you need.

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