Mactech has the ability to line bore and reface equipment in the field from a single set up. Our standard bars range from 1 ¾” to 10” diameters and lengths up to 24’.  We have an extensive inventory including our newest addition, 2 ¼” BB2250.

Contact us for details of our services, or visit our Line Boring Bar Page for more information on our tools.

Boring Bars

  • BB2250 is a 2 ¼” Portable Boring Bar that adds versatility to our extensive Boring Bar line.
  • KWIKWAY is a standard cylinder boring bar that offers two speeds and two feeds, which provides four combinations for boring versatility.
  • Multiple Bore Bars (MBMC) provide machining capabilities on set up equipment where disassembly or removal from the job site would be costly and time consuming.