Mactech offers unique, time saving approaches to on-site applications such as steam drum hole drilling, manway resurfacing and welded tube stub removal in a variety of under pressure applications and industries.

Waterwall Windows

Once setup our waterwall window machine cuts a window in five minutes! Simply setup, cut, and remove the web. Then the necessary repair work or inspection can take place. For weld-up simply weld our pre-made coupons into place.


With our equipment we are able to machine elliptical manways and in-place machine round manways and doors. We can restore the gasket surface to its original condition.

Hand Holes

We reface, install, and convert elliptical, round, diamond, and square hand holes. Our equipment refinishes gasket seats in headers for hand hole caps to like new condition.


Drilling new holes in drums or headers, repair of defective or leaking holes, counterboring drums or adding serrations for tube rolling are just a few of the many services available. We perform work on virtually any size drum or header and perform radial, non-radial, inside or outside drilling