Unsurpassed commitment to servicing your industry

Mactech and Stresstech products have been used across many industries, most of which require in-the-field service or on-site machining in a timely manner. Please see the industries listed for more specific examples of our on-site machining experience.

Why choose Mactech?

  • We integrate hands on experience into every phase of the process
  • We understand the field situation and offer a “Solution” approach to your industry application
  • We offer unsurpassed commitment to service and customer satisfaction

Case Study: Diamond Wire Saw Equipment Training

“Mactech is one of our great suppliers and I love the fire in them.” — Tyler Bond, Global Services Manager, NNW Oil In late 2018, NNW Oil, a…

Case Study: Angled Drilling

Project Description The customer had recently purchased a new gear box which needed to be spot faced approximately 1” with ¼” NPT holes drilled and tapped at 45…

Case Study: Industrial Gearbox Bearing Repair

Removed 2 broken studs from the gearbox so the bearing cap could be bolted back on and undercut. We undercut the bearing bore, weld built each half, and cut it back to size.

Case Study: Machine Reverse Pinion Stub Shaft

Machined off 3.00” of length from the stub shaft and turned the remaining part of the shaft for a 3.00” bearing fit removing approximately .250” on the diameter

Case Study: U.S. Bank Stadium Door Pedestals – Skol Vikings!

Mactech received an inquiry that the main pedestal areas where the bearings for the doors fastened needed to be machined in-place. With a large construction job underway, and no time to waste before the season started, time was of the essence.

Case Study: Stern Tube Conversion

A major Great Lakes ship construction and repair operation needed to convert a ship’s stern tube bearing lube system from oil to water cooled. To accomplish this we shortened the 10” thick stern tube by 5 ¾”, faced off the end of the stern tube, and bored ¾” of material out of the stern.

Case Study: Inland River Towing Company

Completed a steering system overhaul on a lower Mississippi triple screw towboat by totally replacing hydraulic power units, piping, dead ends, hydraulic cylinders, and quadrant modifications, as well as machined all quadrant and jockey bar bushing, bores with pin replacement.