Wind turbine installation processes are becoming more challenging as turbine sizes increase, and the size of wind farms grows larger. Delays can add thousands of dollars per day. Reducing installation times through continuous improvement is increasingly important and portable machining has proven to be an essential aspect of this process.

Wind tower poles have flanges welded on them that have to be machined perpendicular to the tower when they bolt together for erection. If this flange is not completely perpendicular, a turbine could be unsafe to operate, as it will not rotate on a level plane. The accuracy and precision specs necessary for wind turbine installation is imperative.

Mactech’s Large Diameter Flange Machine, or LDFM was designed specifically for facing and machining wind turbine flanges. This machine coupled with our laser measurement inspection service provided contractors the ability to efficiently install wind turbines and wind farms on-site and on time.

The Mactech LDFM 5000 Facing Machine is a portable flange-facing machine designed for on-site precision grinding, single point, mitering and rotary milling capabilities. Adjustable chuck jaws mount the machine to the inside diameter of the wind turbine piece. Features include mechanical feed from multiple ramps and variable speed in radial and axial planes, hydraulic drive and tool blocks and slides. Cutting speeds varies by changing the hydraulic motor to allow for proper speeds at various diameters and machining operations.