On-Site Machining Services

Mactech offers a wide array of on-site machining services ranging from minor repairs and adjustments, to major repairs and reconstructions. Browse our services listed below, or feel free to contact us with your specific job details to have a specialist make recommendations.

Benefits of using our services include:

  • Leading the On-site Machining industry since 1975
  • Take a “Solution” approach to each and every application
  • Unsurpassed commitment to service

Elliptical Manway Facing Machine

Mactech has the capabilities to restore an an elliptical gasket sealing surface. The single point tooling provides a phonographic finish.

Field, On-Site and Portable Machining

Mactech’s field machining services reduce your downtime, improve efficiency, save transportation and logistics costs and alleviate incurring extra man hours.

Flange Facing

Our flange refacing capabilities cover from 1” flanges to surfaces up to 20 foot in diameter, with close tolerances achieved in the field.

Industrial Drilling

Our drilling applications range from large stud removal to magnetic based smaller needs.

Industrial Milling

We offer a variety of milling tools and services including for motor bases and other rotating equipment as well as platens, presses and similar applications.

Laser Measurement and Inspection

Our measurement and inspection services team can develop a personalized plan providing you with traceable measurement results; from go/no-go indications, to comprehensive reports, to CAD data of the measurements.

Line Boring Services & Equipment

Mactech has the ability to line bore and reface equipment in the field from a single set up.

Manway Resurfacing

Repair manway sealing surfaces in place for quality gasket sealing. Oval manways, circular manways, round doors–all machined true and accurate without grinding.

Pipe Beveling

As an elite worldwide provider of pipe bevelers, clamshell products and services, we will take any task or problem and develop start to finish solutions with your company’s budget and goals in mind.

Pipe Cutting

Our pipe cutting machines are extremely rigid, accurate and precise with quick setup and great versatility.

Pre Weld & Post Weld Heat Treatment

We offer the most powerful and dependable and portable heat treat controller consoles in the industry.

Pressure Vessel Repair

Avoid dangerous and often fatal accidents that occur from improper maintenance and repair of pressure vessels by utilizing Mactech’s extensive knowledge of pressure vessel repair and wide range of advanced capabilities and equipment.

Shaft Repair

Mactech offers a range of end mount and mid shaft machines. In place machining of shaft surfaces to close tolerances with split frame drive units allows repair in difficult access areas.

Specialty Boiler Services

Mactech offers unique, time saving approaches to on-site applications such as steam drum hole drilling, manway resurfacing and welded tube stub removal in a variety of under pressure applications and industries.