At Mactech we understand that every flange refacing job is unique.

That’s why we offer more than just a flange facer – we offer full-scale solutions for refacing. Whether you need to rent or purchase, a team of our experts will work with you to create a specialized on-site solution. We’re always ready to help.

Our flange refacing capabilities cover from 1-inch flanges to surfaces up to 20 feet in diameter, with close tolerances achieved in the field. ID and OD mount configurations are available.

Key Features

  • Large surface range capabilities
  • ID and OD mount configurations available
  • Quick and easy setup
  • All equipment and tools are available for sale or rent worldwide

One of our long-term partners had this to say about Mactech’s Machines:

“The toughest most reliable machines I’ve ever used. 23 years of using Mactech machines and they have never let me down!”

—GM of Maintenance, Turnaround, Inspection – Fabrication and Construction Company

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Why Choose Mactech?

For over 40 years Mactech has provided the equipment and expertise you need to get your flange refacing job done on time and on budget. We have the best equipment available in the market with the best operating performance, least downtime and the best trained equipment technicians in the industry.