Our flange refacing capabilities cover from 1inch flanges to surfaces up to 20 feet in diameter, with close tolerances achieved in the field. ID and OD mount configurations are available. For more information on our tools see our Flange Facer Page.

Flange Facers

  • LDFM Facing Machine – This unit can potentially face out to 150″
  • Model 6-18 Flange Facer – The 6-18 Flange Facer has the ability to re-face from 7.2″ to 18″ diameter and fits into bore ID’s from 4.74″ to 11.84″.
  • Model 40 Flange Facer – The FF40 Portable Flange Facer is an ID-mount flange re-facer. Its compact design makes it an ideal on-site maintenance tool.
  • Model 3096 Flange Facer – This Hydraulic Flange facer will face 30″ to 110″ 762 to 2438 mm) diameter flanges.