Mactech portable line boring machines make on-site boring operations much faster and easier. Our most popular BB2250 system incorporates a push/pull traveling bar and covers a wide range of applications and sizes.

We also provide a MBMC system. This system has an integrated feed screw, which enables the cutting head to travel up and down a stationary bar. Another boring bar option is the KWIKWAY line, which has two speeds and two feeds, which provide four combinations for boring versatility.

Multiple Bore Bars (MBMC)

Our basic boring bar systems provide machining capabilities on set up equipment where disassembly or removal from the job site would be costly and time consuming. We employ a simple design to provide a stable, rigid means for machining of in-place, on site jobs. The machines are portable and provide quick and easy set up and operation.

Attachments and related equipment can be provided for facing, grooving, milling and almost any machining need. The design of the equipment provides for an efficient and rigid set up to allow you to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.

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