Available for Purchase or Rent

All of our products and tools are available for rent, sale, or hire. Mactech’s reputation for top-quality field machining equipment, short lead-time, quick response, and results-oriented solutions are among the many reasons the company is the world’s foremost provider for major industries worldwide.

Benefits of Renting Include:

  • Cost effective (less capital intensive than a purchase)
  • Well maintained rental fleet
  • Test equipment before you make a purchase

Clamshell Portable Lathes

Mactech offers portable pipe cutting machines to the oil and gas, power generation, shipbuilding and other industries that provide spark free, precision cuts and weld preps.

Diamond Wire Saws

Mactech Offshore offers a wide selection of diamond wire saws for subsea and topside cutting of a variety of materials and in challenging environments. Diamond wire saws are ideal for cutting multi-string casing or heavy wall legs and cross members.

Elliptical Manway Machines

Mactech’s Elliptical Manway Facing Machine is used for restoring an elliptical gasket sealing surface, which easily allows for the repair of manway sealing surfaces.

End Prep Lathes

Mactech End Prep Lathes are portable and I.D. mounted for machining pipe and valves. Capable of bevelling, facing and counterboring, this tool is extremely useful.

Flange Facers

Mactech’s Flange Facers are easy to use for resurfacing pipe and tube flanges, with no special training required. For resurfacing pipe and tube flanges, Mactech’s has the solution.

Hydraulic Power Supplies

Our Hydraulic Power Units exhibit strong construction and are capable of performing without failure under a wide range of conditions producing significantly less heat than conventional systems.

Industrial Drills

Our Industrial Drills are extremely accurate and versatile, allowing for fast on-site drilling. Our line of Heavy Duty Drills are ideal for cutting metals with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic options.

Industrial Mills

Mactech’s Heavy Duty Mills are designed to make on-site, close tolerance machining cost effective. Used for spade drilling, hole boring, drilling, valve reseating and stud removal.

Line Boring

Mactech portable Line Boring Machines make on-site boring operations much faster and easier. Our Boring Bars are quick and extremely easy to set up for immediate use!

Shaft Lathes

Mactech’s End Mount Shaft Lathes require minimal clearance. They mount to the end of a shaft and are powered by pneumatic source.

Special Design Field Machining Equipment

Mactech is staffed with a reputable, highly trained engineering and development team that is capable of producing customer specific machining equipment tailor made to meet your special needs.

Stresstech Heat Treating

Stresstech manufactures a full line of stress-relieving equipment for sale and rental. We are capable of filling any order size while maintaining short lead times anywhere in the world.

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