When it comes to industrial drilling, Mactech leads the way in product quality and service expertise.

For over 40 years we ’ve provided the equipment and expertise you need to get your job done on time and on budget. We seek to have the best equipment available in the market, with the best operating performance, least downtime and the best-trained equipment technicians in the industry.

Mactech offers drilling applications from large stud removal to magnetic-based smaller needs.

Industrial Rack Drill Demo

We recently were tasked with modifying the pinion stub shaft on a center drive gear box without disassembling it. We had the experience and equipment to set up and perform machine work in place. As usual, the project was completed on time and under budget. Most importantly, our client was extremely happy with the quality and expertise in which the project was finished. Read the whole story in our  Case Study.

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Drills We Offer

MT 30 Rack Drill – Portable Drill with Quick Mount Features

Electric MAG Based Drills – This heavy duty portable drill can go almost anywhere and is capable of drilling 2” diameter holes.

Hydraulic Electro MAG Based Drills – This heavy duty portable drill can go almost anywhere and provides continuous heavy duty drilling and tapping.

Bipod Air Drills – Mactech offers a powerful, secure Bipod Air Drill Ideal for projects with clearance issues