Project Description A customer approached Mactech about needing a large volume of engine retrofit modifications to be completed in situ for new turbo installation. With their existing frames lacking consistency and adequate bolt engagement, they turned to Mactech for a custom machining solution that would solve both issues. mactech-photo Mactech’s Value Added to the Project We readily accepted our customer’s challenge of needing a custom milling machine that non-machinists could handle. Our reputable and highly-trained engineering and development team worked with the customer to create a portable special design tool tailored to meet their needs. We have a history of creating custom solutions and making alterations to boring equipment, drills, and mills for our clients. Equipment Used The customer came to us after their initial hand grinding retrofit attempt. They expressed frustration with the time required, the dust cast in the engine space, an inconsistent finished product, and that their work space was awkward and difficult to use. At Mactech, we sat down over the next week to discuss a solution that would flip the script. We finalized plans to create a custom portable milling machine to meet the close quarters envelope and make the task easy and repetitive for the customer’s non-machinist staff to handle. Results Ultimately, a successful custom milling product was created by the Mactech team. 10 days after the customer put in their purchase order, the prototype unit passed our initial demonstration and Factory Acceptance Test in under 30 minutes. Another happy customer for Mactech. See below to watch a video demonstrating the final product of our customer’s new portable milling machine.