Compact and portable, our Cut-off saws work in areas where larger saws can’t reach or maneuverability is necessary. The Cut-off Saw is light and small making it easy to set up for divers in the water. Get all the capabilities of our larger saws in an affordable and easy to use unit.

The Mactech 16 inch Cut-Off Diamond Wire Saw is designed for ultimate versatility and restricted space situations. The small of the 16 cutoff saw makes it ideal for smaller projects and an excellent tool for quick diver setup. The ultra compact and lightweight nature of the DWS-16co make it an excellent choice for a variety of subsea cutting projects.

Ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members. The vertical stance means it can easily fit in coffer dams or excavations with minimal dredging, where other saws can’t fit. The articulating design requires only 2 feet of clearance around the casing. This saw is ideal for conductor removal.

cut-off saw

  • Cuts pipe, multi-string casing and pilings, and even cuts bundled wire
  • Typically used for cutting pipe and cross beam structures
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • The DWS-16co weighs only 210 lbs.
  • Capable of cutting round or square structure