Subsea machining oil and gas technology is continuously advancing to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding production environments: deeper water, greater distances from shore, higher reservoir temperatures and pressures. But sometimes progress comes in the form of smaller improvements or adaptations to already used methods. This article examines three such advances. PREP A rigid pipelay system which can be deployed from smaller, more readily available vessels will slash schedules and installation costs for pipe-laying projects, according to its maker Ecosse Subsea. Rigid pipelay projects typically rely on dedicated pipelay vessels commanding £250,000/day or more, the company said.

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Mactech’s Take:
Our versatility in the subsea machining world is what makes our capabilities truly unique. No job is too big or small, as the cutting capabilities of our machines range from 4 inches to 102 inches. We have a current expanding fleet of 36 diamond wire machines that have successfully performed over 500 diamond wire cuts. Additionally, our clamshell lathes, internal cutters, and other cutting machines provide a variety of equipment for any scenario.

Mactech is a leader in advanced subsea development. We offer a wide array of machining services ranging from minor repairs and adjustments to major repairs and reconstructions. Why choose MacTech?

  • Mactech is committed to safe working practices, both in equipment design and services performed
  • Focus on producing the best and most consistent cut times in the offshore industry
  • Emphasis on reliability and consistency in DWS design to produce full thru-cuts on pipe section, giving operators confidence and confirmation in cuts
  • Tools, procedures and problem-solving techniques incorporate hands-on technician input and experience
  • Best practices approach under continual scrutiny and revision
    OEM in-house product development breeds innovation
  • Providing solutions for complicated technical problems
  • A broad and deep range of offshore equipment and assets on-site
  • “A” safety rating on ISN
  • Made in the USA”

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