Large Diameter Facing Machine Birds Eye View

Large Diameter Facing Machine Birds Eye View

Nice overhead shot of our Large Diameter Facing Machine (LDFM) performing some reactor work facing a raised face flange on a pressure vessel.

Thank you to our friends and partners to the North at KASI Technologies Inc. for representing our products and services across Canada. 🇨🇦

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No doubt this picture and machine certainly WOWED THEM!


Mactech has been deeply involved in the Power Generation industry for many years and is still extremely active in providing technical support and a wide variety of portable tooling solutions. We have managed to increase plant capacity and decrease production costs for many of our Energy Generation clients, including the use of our Large Diameter Facing Machine (LDFM) on many successful contract and rental jobs.

We provide steam, water and wind turbine maintenance, valve repair, flange facing, pump base repair, water wall window cutting and more. Coal fired power generation plants provide 49% of consumed electricity in the United States. Mactech supports their work with portable tooling solutions and contract technical expertise.


  • Machining split line on turbine casings
  • Seal faces on large boiler feed pumps
  • Man hole cover re-facing
  • Shaft repair
  • Heat exchanger repair
  • Valve repair
  • Milling Key ways
  • Re-facing main steam inlet flanges
  • Line boring wicket gate bushings
  • Boring Thermal sleeves
  • Shroud machining
  • Boiler tube repairs
  • Eliptical manways
  • Gamma plug drill and tap