The June Issue of Ocean News & Technology focuses on Deepwater Pipeline Repair & Maintenance with a product focus on Subsea Tools & Manipulators. We are more than thrilled to be honored to be in this issue talking about Articulating Diamond Wire Saw and you can find the product spotlight of our Articulating Diamond Wire Saw on page 53.

Mactech Offshore, a leading provider of subsea and offshore machining solutions, has received patent-pending status on its Articulating Diamond Wire Saw. The saw is designed for subsea and topside cutting of a variety of materials and projects and utilizes an articulating cutting arm for minimal clearance during cuts.

“The Articulating Diamond Wire Saw has recently emerged as the game changer in the subsea cutting world,” states Joel Wittenbraker. President and CEO of Mactech. “It is a tool specifically designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of low clearance cuts.”

Articulating Diamond Wire Saw

We are still loud and proud to be featured in the June 2013 issue with regards to our patent pending Articulating Diamond Wire Saw.

Nothing better than the smell of fresh magazine in the morning.

If you aren’t an ON&T subscriber, the digital issue can be found below with our article on page 53 for some light summer reading.