Portable industrial pipe cutters

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Tired of over-complicated machinery and unreliable service? Access everything you need to perform precision cutting and beveling on all pipe sizes, schedules and materials. You’ll find reliable equipment and service for field machining, oil and gas, power generation and more. Talk with expert machinists to see how Mactech helps you succeed in the field, whether it’s for a purchase, rental or contract job.

A more reliable and long-lasting clamshell

Mactech sets up the equipment on-site at US Bank Stadium

It can take years to win a customer, but one mistake to lose them. That’s why Mactech offers rigid, reliable and portable lathes that are proven in the field — whether you call them clamshells, split-frame cutters or cold-cutting machines. Additional bearings make these the most precise and versatile machines available. And they come complete with useful accessories and maintenance packages, so you can keep your kit in top condition for years to come.

Clamshells trusted by the Vikings
Mactech sets up the equipment on-site at US Bank Stadium

Portable, powerful, versatile

These 200-pound lathes cut the same pipes as 20,000-pound machines in the shop. You get all that power in a simple design that can fit almost anywhere for increased versatility, ease of operation and above all, user safety. Our line covers pipe sizes from 2 to 110 inches outer diameter. Easily install on in-line closed loop pipe with minimal radial and axial clearance.

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Experienced machinists, ready inventory, dedicated service 24/7

Critical industries like power generation demand responsive service or customers suffer. That’s why our expert machinists are always here to help get hard jobs done ASAP. Access an available inventory and experienced service, day or night. We’re ready, whether you need a new clamshell on rush order, hands-on field training or help with a tricky installation over Facetime.

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Customer reviews

  • “They’ve kept it tried and true over time. Clamshells can be used to do flange facing or some more intricate work. And some of those additional features on other clamshells can get cumbersome or fragile. Mactech has been able to keep it very simple, very durable, very easy to use. It’s one of my favorites to train clients on because of its simple functionality. And Mactech is very well-priced within the market.”

    Jason Bindon, general manager, KASI Technologies
  • “They are second to none. Mactech is one of our great suppliers and I love the fire in them. We looked into other providers, but there was no doubt Mactech had superior equipment. We’ve purchased a lot of equipment from Mactech and we come back because it’s a superior product. The way they build their equipment is significantly different from other people. I’m very happy with Mactech.”

    Tyler Bond, global operations manager, NNW Oil
  • “They get a good understanding of the scope of work. The right questions are asked. If we have the scope of work from a client, we can sit down with the Mactech team, decide if it’s the right tool and which route to go.”

    Chad Comeaux, ROV project manager, Oceaneering
  • “They’re just so much easier to work with. They want to help you. They want you to succeed. This business just boils down to whoever can get the best deal, the best cost in the shortest amount of time. So, we work together well that way.”

    Craig Bleak, Allied Power Group
  • “They’re a good company. They’ve been around for a long time, and we’ve been using them for a long time. I’ve been in the industry for about 20 years, and throughout all the different companies that I’ve worked with, we’ve used Mactech or worked with Mactech. They hold a very good reputation.”

    Jason Bindon, general manager, KASI Technologies turbine field engineer, Allied Power Group
A clamshell lathe cut pipe.

Why Mactech industrial pipe cutters?

Precision and cold cutting projects require hard work and rigid equipment to be successful in the field. That’s precisely what you get from Mactech clamshell lathes and service.

Consultative buying

Tell us what you need to accomplish. We’ll get you the best equipment for the job. Our clamshells cover pipe of any material with outer diameter sizes 2 to 110 inches.

Field experience

Partner with experts who know what works because they’ve done it before. They know what you need to be successful in the field, from procurement to service.

Workhorse machinery

With a durable design, additional bearings and complete maintenance packages, these portable clamshell lathes work longer and harder than anything else on the market.

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Easy operation

Simple, frills-free design makes for easy operation in the field, whether you’re a new or experienced user.

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Hands-on training

Your sales representative teaches you how to use the equipment on site, so you can get right to work. Advanced training also is available at our shops in Minnesota, Kentucky and Louisiana.

Rapid response

If something goes wrong, you can call your dedicated representative personally on their cellphone. They’ll do what it takes to get you what you need.

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