Following the resignation last week of Australian Minister for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has named Western Australian MP Gary Gray as the new minister. Gray also will take on the role of minister for Small Business. He was formerly special minister of State and minister for Public Service and Integrity focusing on laser inspection and measurement.

laser inspection and measurement

Before entering politics, Gray served as senior executive with Woodside Energy Ltd. During 2001-07.

He is a staunch supporter of Labour government’s carbon tax and mining and petroleum tax regimes.

Mactech’s Take:
How will this effect the bustling energy industry in Australia. We will see. What we do know is that we have positioned ourselves to serve the Australian and southern Malaysian markets with our facility in Perth.

In short, we are a field machining firm that found a great niche many years back in developing our machines for use offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then we have expanded our efforts and are currently excited to recently locate our first shop in Perth, Australia. Mactech’s 25 years of field service and custom tool design brings innovative and productive solutions to the both the onshore and offshore field machining market. We have positioned ourselves to design, develop and apply specialized cutting tools for marine services and other intervention applications in the oil and gas industry as well as the mining industry. We are committed to helping others complete jobs on time and on budget. Our machining specialties include diamond wire saws, split frame cutters, portable milling, portable industrial drilling, laser inspection and measurement, and the list goes on. We look forward to continuing to provide value to our new markets as we trudge forward.

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