We need your skill in a Mactech Job!

This photo was taken at the World War II Museum in New Orleans, LA. It’s great to see how outside machinists were needed in World War II. They were likely in demand for their skills working on the construction of ships and manufacturing/production facilities alike (Which we are still doing today!), the outside machinist was likely an important factor for winning the war. It’s fun to see how a career in which we concentrate on today, played such a role in shaping our country. We hope that it continues to shape the machining world as we know it. It keeps American driving forward.

We’re growing and are currently looking to Hire Field Machinists and Field Metrologists with FARO Experience in our Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Kentucky offices.

Apply yourself, send it to a friend who’d be a good fit, make an introduction… we are looking to have conversations with anyone interested. Let’s talk.



We Need Your Field Machining Skill

We Need Your Field Machining Skill