If you happen to be a refiner, you’re probably doing very well right now

– Jim Cramer

Mactech’s Take:
With all of the talk about the energy boom, sometimes the less “sexy” steps in the supply chain can be forgotten by the public eye. Refining will play a very important part in the U.S. energy boom and we must continue to keep our refining processes efficient in order to be sure we do not create any bottlenecks.

For over 30 years Mactech has been providing top-notch on site services to refineries, plants and factories all over the world. We are a world leader in precision pipe cutting and beveling as well as pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment, end preparation and flange facing. We can install and resurface elliptical manways and perform a variety of other specialty boiler applications such as steam drum hole drilling and welded tube stub removal in a variety of under pressure applications.

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