The wind turbine machining power capacity in the Texas panhandle could double over the next two years as a mix of companies work to complete an estimated $3.3 billion of construction on wind power projects in the area.

The Globe-News reported the increase in projects was encouraged by the construction of new transmission lines. Cross Texas Transmission and Sharyland Utilities are close to finishing the construction of transmission lines that will take energy produced in the panhandle to other Texas cities, including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

The area currently has around 1,500 MW of wind power capacity, according to the report, but that number will increase by 1,644 MW if current projects under contract are completed.

The estimated cost to complete the projects does not include construction of the facilities to connect the wind power projects and transmission lines, which the Globe-News said will cost millions of dollars. Currently most of the 1,500 MW produced in the area and eastern New Mexico is going into Xcel Energy lines, while new transmission lines will transmit the new wind power downstate.

Mactech’s Take:
Mactech’s Large Diameter Flange Machine, or LDFM was designed specifically for facing and machining wind turbine flanges. This machine coupled with our laser measurement inspection service provides contractors the ability to efficiently install wind turbines and wind farms on-site and on time.

The Mactech LDFM 5000 Facing Machine is a portable flange-facing machine designed for on-site precision grinding, single point, mitering and rotary milling capabilities, specifically for wind turbine machining. Wind energy has a large capital expenditure up front, but it’s clean and basically “free” fuel costs make it an optimal solution to some of our energy needs. If we can provide efficiencies to drive down capital costs and installation costs, it will continue to become a more viable option.

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