Randy Foutch calls it a renaissance, but when you listen to the veteran Texas oilman and others describe America’s nascent energy boom, it sounds more like a miracle.

Politicians have been warning for decades that the U.S. must wean itself from foreign energy, but just a few years ago their words seemed like so much wishful thinking: The U.S. was facing what seemed like ever-rising oil prices and was importing about 60 percent of its supply. Natural gas inventories were shrinking, and the country was considering importing a liquified form from the Middle East.

energy boom

Could the United States Become a Net Exporter of Oil?

A look at the implications U.S. energy independence would have for the economy, other types of energy, foreign policy and the environment.

Mactech’s Take:

As the United States continues it’s boom in the energy industry we may continue to also see changes in the energy infrastructure of the U.S. With a focus on cleaner more sustainable energies, and the abundance of natural gas as a local energy source, we will likely continue to see more build out and switching from coal to natural gas refineries. Mactech aims to be a resource for the power generation industry and is constantly looking for ways to adapt within the ever-changing markets. As the U.S. becomes more energy efficient we look forward to playing a role in our domestic power generation market and help to remain focused on being a key supplier in the refinery turnaround services industry.  This energy boom will not be an energy bust.

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