“the essential elements of well integrity go beyond the actual hardware itself. It covers procedures, human factors, people’s understanding, training” offshore decommissioning

offshore decommissioning

Describing the evolving concern over HPHT well operations in recent years, the HSE’s Donald Dobson, head of discipline, well engineering and operations, has told a conference that following the Elgin incident a new industry working group on HPHT operations has been established at the HSE’s instigation.

And in well integrity overall, Mr Dobson said, the human factor needed more attention: “This is the area that we feel the industry has the poorest handle on,” he told delegates to DecomWorld’s North Sea Well Integrity Conference, 27th February, in Aberdeen.

Mr Dobson said the HSE first commissioned a study of HPHT risks after a number of HPHT fields came onstream in the mid-1990s, leading to a noticeable increase in equipment failures. The study covered 130 HPHT-related well incidents.

Mactech’s Take:

At Mactech On-Site and Mactech Offshore, we understand that the “human factors are important”. We are constantly and currently striving to practice under HSE concepts that provide the safest working environment for our employees, our customers, the environment, and anyone involved within the supply chain of our contract. We understand that the offshore decommissioning market can be a dangerous work environment and we will always take the steps to provide a safe work environment and plan for all outcomes.

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