Mactech End Prep Lathes are portable and I.D. mounted for machining pipe and valves. They are capable of simultaneously beveling, facing and counterboring. The tool has self-accepting torque, straight back feed and integral air or hydraulic drive.

When an End Prep Lathe is connected to the plant air or the hydraulic power supply it can be used for pipe machining functions. At the rear of the each tool is an axial feed knob, which is manually rotated during form cutting, moving the tool bit and cutting head axially along the mandrel toward or away from the work piece. For single point operation, this axial movement (gauged by a removable ring) is accompanied by simultaneous automatic radial movement of the tool holder, producing the desired angled bevel.

Mactech has tool bits in stock for all standard weld prep configurations. We manufacture tool bits of any angle bevel or counterbore for any model or type of portable end prep or clamshell machining lathe.

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