We offer a variety of milling tools and services for motor bases, rotating equipment, platens, presses and similar applications.

Mactech’s Heavy Duty Mills are designed to make on-site, close tolerance machining cost effective. Ideal for strict environments and repair work where dismantling is not feasible. These portable mills can be tack welded, clamped, bolted, or magnetically attached directly to the workpiece. Applications include milling, spade drilling, hole boring, drilling, valve reseating and stud removal.

Portable Milling Machines

Portable milling machines are capable of a multitude of on-site machining operations. They are ideal for large area repair work where dismantling is not possible or practical. The design of the machine allows for variable travel along slides in the longitudinal, horizontal and vertical axis. The milling head also pivots for even greater adjustment and flexibility of machining operations.

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