Stresstech manufactures three portable stress relieving consoles to choose from; the QZ-500-4, the QZ-1000-6, and the QZ-1500-8. These consoles are capable of providing anywhere from one to eight independent zones of control, depending on the model.

Each individual zone is capable of providing up to 300 AMPs of 80 Volt DC for use in conjunction with our resistance heating pads. Total output of our machines ranges from 500 to 1500 AMPs and all our machines are 100% Duty Cycle rated.

Each zone is independently controlled by its own ramping temperature controller, enabling the operator to run various profiles simultaneously. All temperature controls and timers are mounted in the control drawer, allowing easy removal for calibration or necessary maintenance.

Increase Productivity

The operator is able to begin heating cycles at any time without waiting for earlier cycles to finish. Our controllers are easy to operate and required training is minimal.

Operators only need to enter the “SOAK” temperature and the controller will automatically ramp from current temperature to setpoint at the specified ramp rate. The controllers can also be operated manually by disabling function and using the percentage timer.

Easy Maintenance

All top temperature controllers and percentage timers are solid state devices. They do not contain relays or other moving parts that wear out. The 300 AMP contactors can easily be accessed and serviced via the cover panel.

Operator Friendly

Operators can easily operate these machines using indicator lights to view the energized zones. A 500 DC ammeter with selector switch allows monitoring of the load on each independent zone, while a 1000 AMP (or 1500 AMP on the QZ 1500 8) ammeter and a 100 Volt DC voltmeter allow the operator to check the total load on the machine at the same time.

QZ 1000-6

The Stresstech QZ 1000 6 is a portable stress relieving console capable of providing 1000 AMPS of power at 80 volts DC to six 30 AMP resistance heating zones.

QZ 1500-8

The Stresstech QZ 1500 8 is a portable stress relieving console capable of providing 1500 AMPS of power at 80 volts DC to eight 30 AMP resistance heating zones.

QZ 500-4

The Stresstech QZ 500-4 is a portable stress relieving console capable of providing 500 AMPS of power at 80 volts DC to four 30 AMP resistance heating zones.

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