What difference does more power make in Pre and Post Weld Industrial Heat Treating?

The answer is that’s it’s all about the time required to make a given temperature.  If you’re waiting for a joint to reach preheat temperature you also have people waiting to make a weld.  The shorter the time frame to reach your required temperature the more efficient your welders become. Where Stresstech really shines in the industrial heat treating world is on your heavy wall piping and on complicated heavy wall stresses where you have to tie in tees and valves which often become a major heat sink.

The original concept of Stresstech was to bring a “Bullet Proof” system to the most difficult work environments in the world.  Designed and built for long term survivability it makes everyday chores simple.

A client once summed up the Stresstech product line as “Hell for stout” and that pretty much says it all.

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