TZ 600

The Stresstech TZ-600 is a twin zone temperature controller, which can be operated automatically (auto ramping up and down), semi-automatically (manually ramping, hold at temperature), or manually (percentage output, no TC required). Each of the ramping controllers operates independently of each other enabling the operator to begin heating cycles at two different times.

Each zone has a 300 AMP contractor controlled by a 0-2000 degree temperature controller, and a percentage timer to control the rate of rise and cooling, if desired. The 0-300 AMP meter has a selection and polarity switch for use on either zone, straight or reverse polarity. Camlock connectors for power inlet and outlet, as well as type “K” thermoscope jack strips are located on rear of the unit. The unit is very portable at only 29 lbs. and measuring only 15” x 15” x 8”.

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