U.S. refinery turnaround are expanding their diesel-production capacity, not so much for truckers in the U.S., but for drivers in places such as Mexico City and Santiago, Chile.

Already running at their highest levels in six years, U.S. refineries are finding strong demand for diesel fuel, used widely in cars outside of the United States, and other distillates, like jet fuel.

The U.S. became a net exporter of petroleum products just two years ago and is now the largest exporter in the world.

This quote from CNBC shows just how important it is to keep our refineries running in tip top shape.

Refinery turnarounds are essential to the continued operation of oil refineries all over the world. Maintaining and periodically replacing all equipment and materials usually requires complete shut-down and even the dismantling of equipment. This refinery turnaround process of shutting down and restarting the vital process units is the most dangerous time for refinery workers. Most accidents happen during regular but infrequent maintenance, such as major turnarounds that involve the crude unit or the catalytic cracking unit.

There are many measures operational management teams can take to reduce this risk, but none are more important than both advanced, detailed planning and selecting the best possible vendors and contractors to perform the various jobs associated with a major refinery turnaround.

An example of such a contractor is Mactech On-Site Machining Solutions. For over 30 years Mactech has been providing top-notch on site services to refineries, plants and factories all over the world. They are a world leader in spark-free, precision pipe cutting and beveling as well as pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment, end preparation and flange facing. Mactech can install and resurface elliptical manways and perform a variety of other specialty boiler applications such as steam drum hole drilling and welded tube stub removal in a variety of under pressure applications.

Mactech has experience in working with a wide variety of synthetic fuels from coal and numerous other chemical products such as ammonium sulfate, anhydrous ammonia, phenol, cresylic acid, liquid nitrogen, methanol, naphtha, krypton and xenon gases. Mactech can perform in-line maintenance on high-pressure pipes transporting even the most flammable materials.

The refinery turnarounds required for the production of all these substances are extremely dangerous and complicated and should only be entrusted to experienced professionals like Mactech On-Site Solutions.

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