The movement of hulking, deepwater rigs draws most attention in the Gulf of Mexico, but the decommissioning of smaller, shallower rigs is a busy, less noted sector.

The evolution of technology and depletion of shallow fields are pushing more exploration and production into deeper water, leaving a billion-dollar market for decommissioning older platforms.

New regulations on idle iron went into effect in 2010, giving operators a time frame for plugging wells and removing structures. Previously, platform owners would often get extensions to keep platforms in place.

These new regulations are providing opportunity for subsea cutting companies such as Mactech Offshore to provide top notch services into the rig removals industry. Mactech is the original equipment manufacturer of their entire line of Diamond Wire Saws, and this gives them the capability to provide customization and adaptability to project needs when necessary. They have 28 years of field service and custom tool design, bringing innovative and productive solutions to the offshore market.

They understand that the best decommissioning strategy is the one that is safe, effective, and efficient. Their agility in the field has proven to be a catalyst for effectiveness and efficiencies offshore, and this agility has recently flourished with the breadth and depth of available services through Mactech Offshore’s subsea cutting equipment.

“A new combination of dredge and cutting efficiency has entered the decommissioning market with TUSK Subsea’s 600hp dredge system. The combination of an innovative dredge system that can dredge caissons in a matter of hours plus Mactech’s proven cutting capability has greatly reduced the time to safely remove caissons and piles efficiently,” advises David Boulet, Director of Business Development of TUSK Subsea Services.

Mactech Offshore’s versatility in the subsea and underwater machining world is what makes their capabilities truly unique. No job is too big or small, with cutting capabilities of machines ranging from 4 to 102 in. and an expanding fleet of 36 diamond wire machines that have successfully performed over 500 diamond wire cuts.

Mactech Offshore designs, develops and manufactures products utilized in the maintenance, repair, upkeep and decommissioning activities of the offshore oil and gas industry. Their products are specifically designed for operation in a subsea and potentially hazardous environment.

For more information, contact Derek Marcks,
Offshore Operations Manager of Mactech Offshore

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