That’s one small step for man… one giant leap for Mactech.

I’m personally still a believer that one day Mactech and Mactech Offshore’s equipment will be used to field machine something in space.  Perhaps this article from Decom World is a hint that my dream may one day come true.  Heck, you could probably save a ton on shipping costs due to the affects of zero gravity.  We’ll have to make sure our friends over at Uship are planning ahead with us for some major field machining jobs on the moon in the not so distant future.

A new fiber optic monitoring system developed through a Space Act Agreement between NASA and Astro Technology Inc. (ATI) of Houston is helping to increase safety for workers and reduce the risk of leaks and spills on two oil platforms off the coast of West Africa.

What we learn from testing this technology on the oil platforms will benefit a broad range of terrestrial and space applications, and shows NASA’s technology investments support America’s future in space and improve our lives here on Earth.

said NASA’s chief technologist, Mason Peck.

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