Very interesting article on how the United States is aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17% before 2020.  To do this energy producers will almost be forced to concentrate their energy portfolios into renewable resources such as wind generation.  It is still yet to be seen how the United States government will fully act upon this mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but for now companies must plan ahead.

Mactech has been deeply involved in the wind farm installation industry for many years and is still extremely active in providing technical support and a wide variety of portable tooling solutions.

Interestingly enough, a stock that I covered for a recent Master’s class in portfolio management was mentioned in this very article, and as you can see below, is forward thinking on the path to a cleaner energy future.

“Another beneficiary is NextEra Energy (NEE).

NextEra is the nation’s largest producer of renewable energy. And it’s the largest owner of wind and utility-scale solar energy projects in North America.

With wind projects in 19 states and four Canadian provinces, the company produces more than 10,000 megawatts (MW) of wind power – enough energy to satisfy a city the size of Chicago.

And that figure will continue to grow with the kind of government backing that’s absent from the coal industry.

NextEra already benefits from many wind production tax credits, which have helped wind power production double since 2009. And a recent Congressional approval pushed wind power projections up 34% for the next three years.

NextEra is also the biggest solar power company in the United States, with 320 MW of solar power-generating capacity. And it could add a whopping 750 MW more in one fell swoop if its proposed McCoy solar energy project in California gets finalized.

The massive 4,400-acre McCoy project could provide electricity for 264,000 homes, and would avoid about one million tons of carbon dioxide emissions that would come with fossil fuels.

NextEra stock is already up 16% this year as alternative energy stocks have gained momentum, and it also boasts a lofty 3.28% yield.”

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