Project Description
Machine Reverse Pinion Stub Shaft on center drive gear box and avoid disassembly of the gear box

Mactech’s Role in the Project
Machined off 3.00” of length from the stub shaft and turned the remaining part of the shaft for a 3.00” bearing fit removing approximately .250” on the diameter

Mactech’s Value Added to the Project
We had the experience and equipment to perform the modification without disassembling the gear box. Confidence of the customer from past experiences of solution based machining.

Alternative Methods to Mactech’s Solution
The only option was to disassemble the gear box and transport to a machine shop. Would have cost customer Over $50,000.00. We set up and performed machine work in place for under $5,000.00.

Steps Taken to Complete the Job 1. Applied proper equipment and performed tooling modifications. 2. Machined shaft complete and drilled/tapped 3 holes in the end of the stub shaft 3. Worked with mechanical group to ensure proper fit during assembly

Project Challenges
Set-up on 14.00” diameter and part off 3.00” diameter stub shaft. Used standard equipment with modified tooling

Equipment Used
• 814 clamshell
• counterbore attachment
• rack drill

Useful Job Statistics
• Parted off 3.00” off stub shaft
• machined .250” from remaining stub shaft
• Drilled/tapped (3) 7/16” holes for bearing assembly

Project was completed on time and saved the customer several thousand dollars --- very happy customer