Underwater? Under Pressure? No problem with the use of our split frame cutter.

split frame cutter

Practice makes perfect and with the dangers associated with deep sea diving in the offshore decommissioning world, you have to be perfect. Our split frame cutter was put to the test when we ran a custom setup on this 40″ pipe to drill a precision hole using our hole saw attachment. It passed the test with flying colors and created a work environment where everyone on the job was more prepared for the official task at hand. Tests like these allow our customers, clients, machinists, and commercial divers to assure that they know what will happen each step of the way when it comes time to make the subsea cuts. Click the link below and see some more great images capturing this subsea machining display.

Make your pipe cutting operations easier and faster with our Clamshell Portable Lathes, also well known in the industry as a split frame cutter. The low clearance design requires only 7 inches of axial clearance and as little as 6 inches radial clearance. The rigid design assures precise and high-quality cuts. Clamshells are available to cut pipe or casing from 2 to 110 inches diameter and are capable of cutting any wall thickness or material. Wellhead prep is made fast and easy with our sever/bevel feature. Versatile and adaptable, the clamshell portable lathe can carry out a variety of cutting operations.

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