Here at Mactech, we like to think of ourselves as OilPros. Now, it’s official thanks to the discovery and utilization of

What is OilPro?

It’s a content driven professional network for oil & gas professionals. OilPro is an online community of oil & gas professionals interested in connecting with colleagues, advancing their skills, building credibility around their expertise, staying current, and exploring exciting new opportunities. OilPro is a gateway to resourceful and cutting edge technical tutorials, discussions, blogs, links, and more.

Think of it as a LinkedIn for Oil and Gas professionals.

Additionally, we like to view it as a window into the different industries we operate within, and a vessel for adding value to conversations going on in the oil and energy world where our expertise comes in handy.

We answer questions like, How many offshore platforms are in the Gulf of Mexico?, and others lying in that area of expertise.

It has already provided valuable content and relationships to our business and we look forward to utilizing it into the future and growing with the online community of OilPros. If you haven’t already, check it out now!