We’ve got some proud and talented field machinists working hard for us each and every day. They are the lifeblood of Mactech-Onsite Machining Solutions. One of our Machinist’s is so proud that he now carries his craft on his arm each and every day.


I also love the personal response from the hard-working machinist in the photo that took some time to reflect on why he got this tattoo after this picture was posted.

“I have wanted something for awhile. From a kid to my first job, I was blessed to learn from some great old-school people. Have made plenty of mistakes and have had my share of troubles, but very thankful to have learned a trade that has never let me down. Have had customers over the years that are like family now. I wish more people would take pride in their job and trades, if they did we wouldn’t have the problems we do. They can make all the computer gadgets they want, but I was tought something that no computer can EVER come close to. IF YOU CAN’T FEEL IT DON’T TRUST IT!”